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Profit from our extensive experience in, for example, the following areas: Tax Consulting, Tax Design, Consulting and Optimising, VAT, Withholding Tax, Domicile Companies, Commercial Law, Transformation, Conversion, Fusion, Changes in Participation, Capital Expenditure Planning, International Payroll, and so on.

Offshore in Switzerland - a concrete overview

Special advantages for German companies and persons (only in German language).

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Get information about different locations in Switzerland. Differences such as:
- languages (in Switzerland, there are 3 to 4 languages spoken)
- traffic conditions
- taxes (domicile companies) and governmental help

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VAT must be paid on any commodity coming into Switzerland. On exports, these VAT payments may be returned. If goods in transit through Switzerland (stored duty-free), no VAT must be declared. VAT reclain

VAT Reclaim (International)

You may request a refund of Swiss VAT 
General conditions Invoices without addresses, like receipts, sales slips, and so on cannot be used, nor can invoices addressed to your staff, affiliated companies, etc.

You can submit only one VAT-reclaim per year.
The tax return for the last calendar year must be sent before the end of June of the current year.
The request must be for at least VAT CHF 500.-.

In order to precede the request, we need the following documents:
◦Original invoice from the Swiss company . If you have many invoices, you must list them on form 1222
The invoices must contain your address, the address and VAT-number of the Swiss company, date of delivery, product/service, price, VAT in CHF or VAT-% ◦On food and beverages, you can get back only half (50%) of the VAT
◦Proof of payment, such as bank-debit (or use form 1225)
◦Export-documentation of the goods
◦Information regarding what you did with the product/service
◦Legal information about your company (registration, foundation); confirmation of your VAT-number in your country ◦Information regarding the account to which your VAT-refund should be paid, and the method of payment.

We will send confirmation of your refund request for you to sign. This will authorize us to seek a VAT refund on your behalf.

You don't pay anything in advance. From the VAT refunded by the authorities, we keep 18% but minimum CHF 100.-. On high amounts our % is less. When we send you a confirmation of the filing of your request, we also confirm that percentage of the refund that we need for our  fees.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to giving you further information.


 Call on us when you require Professional services for:

 Establish and operating company

 The choice of the legal form: this depends on the starting position and expectations.
 Market performance, risk reduction, brand protection, ease of administration: the number of persons and taxes affect this decision.
 Once chosen, the legal form can, in many cases, be adapted quite easily later!


Business Centre in Switzerland

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An honest, efficient and well-educated team is ready to help you with:
Services: Commercial, Financial, Trade (Import and Export) - tailored to suit your needs.
Phone, Fax, E-mail Service and of course your own address.

An Interim Auditor

An experienced certified public accountant available for short term assignments anywhere in the world.


An Interim CFO

Available to fill a temporary accounting or director role.
A quotation is available upon request.

Project implementation 

The use of an external project manager can lead to success.  Changes, based on objectivity and independence incorporating impacted employees often achieved better, results.
My experience in administration and computer science is complemented by an ability to manage and motivate employees in the service of your goals!

For more information on these and other accounting related services, contact me by email and I will gladly answer your questions for free.

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